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Flower in sand showing resilience

SACS Resilience Test

Recruit for Resilience

Hire staff who adapt positively in the face of challenging situations with our evidence-based SACS Resilience Assessment

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How Resilient Is Your Next Hire?

Does your business require people who are highly resilient?

Resilient people have a number of positives:

  • They cope well with tough times
  • They bounce back quickly from bad experiences
  • They often have better social skills
  • They are more likely to think creatively
  • They are often less change resistant

Who Should Be Assessed?

Resilience testing is suitable for any roles where the ability to cope with challenges is critical.

This can apply to senior positions like Chief Executives or more customer facing roles such as in retail or call centres.

Hire People Who Can Cope With The Challenges of Their Roles

Who uses the SACS Resilience Test?

  • CEO’s
  • HR Directors
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • In-house recruiters
  • Line Managers
  • Hiring Managers

What does the SACS Resilience Test do?

Recruit and retain highly resilient people to develop a more highly engaged and energised organisation

Build a workforce better equipped to handle change, ultimately ensuring better job performance.

Get Your Hiring Right – First Time


The SACS resilience assessment is science-based (see our white paper), quick to complete in less than five minutes, and can be accessed on any digital device.

Predicts Real World Outcomes

Resilient staff achieve better results, recover quickly from setbacks and have better problem solving skills.

Simple Reports

Easy to read and understand reports means that your recruitment process is streamlined for success, helping you to develop and retain a strong and resilient team.

Clear Results

Hire a highly engaged and energised workforce using SACS evidence-based and finely tuned resilience assessment.

This is a sample of the clear and easy to read results you’ll receive back from your SACS Resilience Test.

A sample report from a resilience test.

Contact us for more information about the SACS Resilience Test

See how the SACS resilience assessment can improve your hiring process and your existing workforce.

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