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SACS Work Values Assessment

Will Your Next Hire Have The Right Value Set?

Introducing the SACS Work Values Scale – a quick, evidence-based and easy to use assessment of the values of your next hire or existing staff.

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There are 11 values that matter at work.

Will your next hire have them?

Personal values are fundamental beliefs that serve as guiding principles in one’s life. They guide and motivate our decisions, attitudes, and actions, and influence how we view the world.

Although most values are not specifically considered good or bad, researchers have found that they are an excellent predictor of corporate culture match.

Values questionnaire sample report

Who Should Be Assessed?

New applicants and existing staff can be assessed for value sets depending on what you determine is the important value set for their role.

This can apply from the most junior positions like interns to senior positions like Chief Executives.

Ensure that your next hire will be the right culture match for your organisation

How is it designed?

  • Work worded – all the questions relate to work, unlike most values measures.
  • Based on a large norm group of Australian employees.
  • Very simply worded – no confusing expressions.
  • Evidence based – validated against the best international measures of values.

What are the benefits?

  • Designed to help you ensure that your next hire will be a culture match for your organisation.
  • Build a workforce better equipped to for their role, ultimately ensuring better job performance.
  • Supported by SACS advice – help is only a phone call or email away.

Get Your Hiring Right The First Time


The SACS Values Scale Assessment is science-based. See Andrew Marty’s publication, Predicting Employee Attitudes to Workplace Diversity from Personality, Values, and Cognitive Ability

Fast & Easy To Complete

The SACS Value Scale Assessment involves 52 straightforward, work-worded questions.  Easy access is available on any digital device.

Simple Reports

Easy to read and understand reports means that your recruitment process is streamlined for success, helping you to develop and retain the right culture match for your organisation.

Clear Results

Hire a highly engaged and energised workforce using SACS evidence-based and finely tuned Values Assessment

This is a sample of the clear and easy to read results you’ll receive back from your SACS Values Assessment

SACS Work Values Assessment report - full page sample

Try the new SACS Work Values Assessment RISK FREE

See how the SACS Values Assessment can improve your hiring process and your existing workforce.

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