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SACS’ evidence-based approach to recruitment

At SACS we are not ‘pure recruiters’ but are an organisational psychology firm who are highly skilled at recruitment. We can assist your organisation with end-to-end recruitment assignments for specific roles as well as partner with you to optimise your own recruitment capabilities.

We believe that our highly predictive recruitment methodology and our strong knowledge across all sectors, coupled with our successful track record of appointments and our extensive networks, uniquely equip us to deliver timely and extremely high quality results for our clients.

SACS Recruitment Attraction and Selection

We apply the scientist practitioner model to the development of our recruitment approach. We can show you evidence based approaches to candidate attraction and candidate evaluation.

The science of candidate attraction

It is well known that at any given time only 20% of the candidate market are actively pursuing employment opportunities, leaving 80% of the market “passive”- not actively seeking job opportunities. Our talent attraction strategies have been developed to ensure that our clients are accessing as close to 100% of the market as possible, and not just the 20% of active candidates.

SACS can help you build the right combination of benefits to appeal to candidates who otherwise may not be aware of what you truly offer.

  • Employee value proposition
  • Targeted candidate sourcing, including market penetration strategies
  • Contemporary digital techniques such as behavioural marketing

The science of candidate selection

So once we have attracted the right candidates, how do we select them? The answer: using the most predictive recruitment methods available.

Our approach is based on the latest research as to what works in predicting whether the candidate you hire will be successful.

The table below shows, in order of accuracy, the range of recruitment selection methods available.

Psychometric assessments, and psychometric, aptitude and psych tests let employers improve productivity by measuring the cultural fit and role suitability of job applicants based on the candidates' capabilities and tendencies.

The methods we build into each recruitment project are those with asterisks.

Most recruiters use standard interview processes, whereas our combination of recruitment selection methods yields a predictiveness that, when converted into percentage accuracy, represents roughly a fourfold increase.

Integrated Talent Acquisition

Optimise your talent acquisition with an evidence-based approach

Integrated Talent Acquisition is an end-to-end service from SACS which optimises your talent acquisition.

We work with clients across all stages of the talent acquisition cycle, from strategy to onboarding. We have drawn our techniques from a combination of the latest research and worldwide best practice.

Your comprehensive talent acquisition solution is tailored to your needs from the following options:

  • Talent strategy – what outcomes are we trying to achieve?
  • Outcome based job definition
  • High Performance Modelling – Psychological and competency profiling your best staff
  • Employee value proposition – What do our employees love about working here?
  • Why do people leave us? – Post-exit surveys
  • Candidate attraction
    • Optimising advertising copy
    • Digital candidate attraction
    • Proactive methods; behavioural marketing, headhunting
  • Biodata – resume screening optimisation
  • Volume recruitment methodologies – assessment centre design and executions
  • Behavioural interview design
  • Psychological assessment
    • High-Performance model assessment
    • Psychological risk assessment
  • Work sampling
  • Behavioural reference checking
  • Due diligence – national police check, working with children check, etc.
  • Negotiating and finalising offers
  • Monitoring the success of appointments – qualitative and quantitative

Understanding best practice for each of the stages of your whole talent acquisition process, ensures proper risk management and long term success.

Why choose SACS?

  • We are Organisational Psychology consulting specialists
  • We have successfully placed many roles across all levels across all sectors, including many senior executive roles.
  • We are experts at culture match; not only are we able to identify whether the person can do the job based on their competencies, we can also identify whether the person is likely to ‘fit in’ with the organisation, through our own psychometric assessment tools from direct research we have undertaken with the Australian working population
  • We help our clients to develop employee value propositions that draw really strong fields
  • We use the most contemporary candidate sourcing strategies; we undertake a comprehensive proactive digital outreach ensuring we reach as close to 100% of the market as possible
  • We have a genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion and this underpins our entire recruitment process
  • We undertake all assignments under the Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics; we have a very strong ethical reputation and our candidates trust us

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