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Career Transition Service

Our SACS career transition program has achieved positive outcomes for executives and teams by integrating resilience building and wellbeing into our unique approach.

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Providing psychological support, practical skills development and our evidence-based career transition services to jobseekers

How SACS Career Transition Assistance Programs achieve results

At SACS Consulting, our foundation in organisational psychology equips us to work in a caring, supportive way with a wide variety of jobseekers. 

With our science-backed approach, combined with our practical understanding of the Australian employment markets, SACS provides executives, line managers and teams with a decisive edge in navigating the next steps in their careers.

We also integrate our psychometric assessment tools into our career transition management services. As a result, participants gain a deeper understanding of their own strengths and gaps, areas for further skill development, and a refined awareness of their career preferences.

This approach helps jobseekers expand their options by considering previously overlooked opportunity areas, and finding a solid fit with the next steps in their current career trajectory.

What you can expect from our program

Our dedicated team of consultants works with a wide range of organisations and individuals, ensuring that each career transition assistance program is designed to yield the best outcomes.

This applies to all participants from Chief Executive Officers and senior management positions to junior staff and new or recent hires. 

We are pleased to customise our program and services to fit your unique needs; however, our career transition management services consistently include three key areas:

Get Personally Tailored Career Transition Support

Job Seeker Skills Audit

The SACS Skills Audit helps to discover the confidence level in your job seeking skills. This enables us to build an individually tailored skills development program for each participant.

Self Marketing Program

We help you to understand current market needs and to create more compelling job search communications and activities. This is invaluable to accurately convey your skills, strengths and fit with the best employment opportunities.

Constant Support

SACS offers tactical, practical support that includes building long-term job seeking skills, individual interview advice and recommendations, and in some cases, employment opportunity leads.

Key Program Components

  • Undertaken on an individual or group basis.
  • Personally tailored to the individual’s needs – no two programs exactly the same.
  • Powerful interventions to assist participants to develop clarity about what they will be seeking in their next career move.
  • Practical skills development options including practice sessions on key skills such as interviewing.
  • Flexible package structures from a light touch to intensive support.
  • Supported by highly responsive SACS advice – help is only a phone call or email away.

Who Will Benefit

  • Management seeking to provide support for staff stand-downs, redundancies and role changes.

  • Existing staff undergoing a career transition.

  • Individuals facing unexpected job loss, or seeking to define their next career move.

  • Participants ranging from senior positions and Chief Executives to junior staff.

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To find out how our career transition services can suit your specific needs, please enquire below or call us.

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