Executive Search & Recruitment

SACS can recruit for you or optimise your recruitment approach.

We apply the scientist practitioner model to the development of our recruitment approach. We can show you evidence based approaches to candidate attraction and candidate evaluation.


SACS Recruitment Attraction and Selection.

The science of candidate attraction

It is well known that at any given time only 20% of the candidate market are actively pursuing employment opportunities, leaving 80% of the market “passive”- not actively seeking job opportunities.  Our talent attraction strategies have been developed to ensure that our clients are accessing as close to 100% of the market as possible, and not just the 20% of active candidates.

SACS can help you build the right combination of benefits to appeal to candidates who otherwise may not be aware of what you truly offer.

  • Employee value proposition
  • Targeted candidate sourcing, including market penetration strategies
  • Contemporary digital techniques such as behavioural marketing

The science of candidate selection

So once we have attracted the right candidates, how do we select them? The answer: using the most predictive recruitment methods available.

Our approach is based on the latest research as to what works in predicting whether the candidate you hire will be successful.

Psychometric assessments, and psychometric, aptitude and psych tests let employers improve productivity by measuring the cultural fit and role suitability of job applicants based on the candidates' capabilities and tendencies.

The table above shows, in order of accuracy, the range of recruitment selection methods available. The methods we build into each recruitment project are those with asterisks. Most recruiters use standard interview processes, whereas our combination of recruitment selection methods yields a predictiveness that, when converted into percentage accuracy, represents roughly a fourfold increase.

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