SACS offers executive recruitment services across a range of sectors.

We use the most up to date candidate sourcing mediums.

  • We will draft an advertisement based on your brief for the role, to attract the right candidates, to display across a targeted selection of digital media, social networks and print
  • We offer a 12 month guarantee period if the successful candidate has undertaken a SACS psychological assessment and received a positive recommendation
  • A complimentary 360 degree feedback assessment using the SACS 360 online portal is offered within the first year of appointment

At SACS, our objective is to be the most ethical, honourable and truthful recruitment provider, with a true commitment to the welfare of both clients and candidates. We also aim to be the most expert recruiters in a technical sense. We achieve this by reviewing research from the world of organisational psychology and we build our executive recruitment offering around absolute best practice, backed by science.

There are two components to the science of executive search and recruitment: attraction and selection.

The science of candidate attraction

It is well known that at any given time only 20% of the candidate market are actively pursuing employment opportunities, leaving 80% of the market “passive”- not actively seeking job opportunities.  Our talent attraction strategies have been developed to ensure that our clients are accessing as close to 100% of the market as possible, and not just the 20% of active candidates.

Our candidate attraction strategy consists of two parts: an executive search, and advertising.

Executive search

  • SACS database search: using our database of over 75,000 contacts, we approach candidates already known to us, who have been considered for similar roles in the recent past, who may themselves be appropriate, or who may lead us to other relevant individuals
  • LinkedIn search: LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 360 million members, more than 7 million of whom are located in Australia. Through our corporate membership SACS has the privilege of accessing ALL individuals with a LinkedIn profile, not just those with whom we are personally connected


  • Digital campaign: in order to fully cover the market, we conduct a campaign using SACS’ extensive digital network to reach out to both active and passive job seekers
    • SACS Network Campaign – SACS’s expansive network taps into over 10,000 passive and active contacts.   We will promote your role through the SACS LinkedIn network, reaching 1,700+ LinkedIn followers through the SACS career page, and 10,000+ LinkedIn connections through SACS’ Consultants connections
    • Digital Advertising – SACS utilise the best digital advertising methods to yield you the most relevant candidate. We use the SACS website, with over 3,000 unique visits per month, as well as LinkedIn, with 5,000+ ad views in the last 3 months, and more than 19,000 job update views via the SACS LinkedIn page
  • Internet advertisement: We will place the advertisement on the most appropriate online job boards to reach a targeted audience.
  • Print and online newspaper advertisements: Depending on the role you are recruiting, you may want to use print advertisements in national or local newspapers. In addition, we offer a cost-per-click campaign with ads on mobile, tablet and desktop across the Fairfax network

The science of candidate selection

So once we have attracted the right candidates, how do we select them? The answer: using the most predictive recruitment methods available.

Our approach is based on the latest research as to what works in predicting whether the candidate you hire will be successful.

sacs science of candidate selection

The table above shows, in order of accuracy, the range of recruitment selection methods available. The methods we build into each recruitment project are those with asterisks. Most recruiters use standard interview processes, whereas our combination of recruitment selection methods yields a predictiveness that, when converted into percentage accuracy, represents roughly a fourfold increase.

SACS uses a competency based recruitment process (CBR).

  • Real World Outcomes (RWO) – We dissect a position and analyse it in terms of the RWO the role is to achieve, and the skills, knowledge and attributes that are needed to achieve these RWO. We then look across the broader market for candidates who have these competencies. As part of this process we write behavioural interview questions that you review and approve. This has proved to be very effective in ensuring that there are no surprises when you interview our shortlisted candidates.
  • Culture Match –CBR is also the most effective recruitment method available to ensure that there is a culture match with your newly recruited employee. This is one of the reasons we have so many loyal clients – corporate culture is equally as important as skills, knowledge and attributes.
  • Psychometric Assessments –We strongly recommend a psychometric assessment of your preferred candidate(s) to assess:
    • verbal, numerical & abstract reasoning;
    • personality;
    • values; and
    • counter-productive work behaviours.
  • This combination is currently the most predictive combination of assessments available – markedly more predictive than interviews and reference checks alone – and this significantly reduces the chance of a bad hire.

Successful executive search and candidate recruitment requires expert knowledge, industry contacts, and assessment science. The above explains why SACS’s evidenced-based approach to executive recruitment is best.

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