SACS offers executive recruitment services across a range of sectors.

  • Attract the right candidates. Quality over quantiry.
  • Use the most up to date candidate sourcing mediums. Not all social media channels are appropriate.
  • Evaluation is just as important as sourcing. There are two components to the science of recruitment: attraction and selection.

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  • Helps how?
  • The process
  • Benefits
  • N.B.
  • Optimise culture match with your hires
  • Allows you to tap into the right networks
  • Access current benchmarks for your industry:
    • salary
    • candidate attributes
  • Ensures correct strategy
  • In the eyes of candidates, lift the reputation and profile of your company

Best practice includes:

  • Meet with client to take brief, understand their needs
  • Prepare the correct job specification
  • Conduct search of the market i.e. review database and networks
  • Advertise role
  • Screen CVs/candidates
  • Candidates complete behavioural questions
  • Interview candidates
  • Psychometric assessment
  • Shortlist provided
  • Panel interviews
  • Reference and academic checks
  • Negotiations and contract signing
  • Access specialist skills and networks
  • Higher performing candidates
    • Higher standard of work
    • More efficient
    • Good fit for culture
  • Longer staff tenures
  • When necessary, ensures confidentiality.

Pitfalls to watch out for:

  • Recruiters without expertise in organisational psychology and selling their friends
  • Consultants with a weak grasp of culture match
  • Lack of care for candidates
  • Success is less about simply identifying potential candidates, and more about ensuring a meeting of the minds e.g. the fine print re roles and responsibilities, contractual terms etc.

For ROI case studies or the benefits specific to your industry, as well as access to the sources and independent research supporting the above, please provide your business email address.

The science of candidate attraction

It is well known that at any given time only 20% of the candidate market are actively pursuing employment opportunities, leaving 80% of the market “passive”- not actively seeking job opportunities. Quality databases are very important as is advertising in the correct channels.

The science of candidate selection

Use the most predictive recruitment methods available, and use the latest research as to what works in predicting whether the candidate you hire will be successful.

sacs science of candidate selection

The table above shows, in order of accuracy, the range of recruitment selection methods available. N.B. Most recruiters use standard interview processes, whereas a combination of recruitment selection methods yields a predictiveness that, when converted into percentage accuracy, represents roughly a fourfold increase.

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