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Video: Using behavioural interviewing to assess job applicants

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Evaluating candidates through behavioural interviewing

There are many styles of interviewing that people use when recruiting, but one of the most accurate is behavioural interviewing.

Behavioural interviewing seeks to understand a candidate’s response under a specific set of conditions, often framed as a question that begins with “Please give an example”.

But it’s also important to remember that candidates are not being assessed on their ability to perform in an interview, which honestly, is a pretty stressful situation.

Instead, the focus needs to be on understanding whether or not this candidate has experience and skills in the key areas required for the role.

So this is a situation where the past is an excellent predictor of the future, leading to much more accurate recruitment outcomes.

A highly accurate way to assess a candidate's abilities

Watch the video to understand how you can use behavioural interviewing to more accurately assess an applicant's skills and experience in the key competences required for a role, using questions about the past.

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