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Video: How candidate testing helps you make better recruitment decisions

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Use testing to significantly improve recruitment outcomes

There’s lots of talk these days about algorithms, but can we incorporate the idea of computer-based logic into our recruitment processes?

People are naturally subjective, resulting in biased or reactive decisions that may not result in the the best outcomes for an organisation during recruitment.

By adding in objective candidate testing, across a wide variety of facets, including values, personality, cognitive ability and work samples, we can greatly increase the accuracy of our candidate selections, by as much as 40%.

We can also assess the likelihood of counterproductive work behaviours, allowing us to hire the right people and create a positive and productive workforce.

Using candidate assessments to significantly improve recruitment outcomes

Watch the video to understand just how much of an impact candidate testing can have on the accuracy of the recruitment process, and the many different facets you can assess to ensure that an applicant is a good fit for a role and your organisation.

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