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Video: The relationship between values and toxic workplace behaviours

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Personal values and toxic behaviours at work

A person’s values has a significant impact on their likelihood to engage in counterproductive workplace behaviours.

By assessing someone’s values, we can get a sense of how likely they are to be violent, how keen they are to dominate others and if they respect rules or not.

There are four main categories of personal values – self-enhancement, self-transcendence, conservation and openness to change – and these can all affect whether we become toxic employees.

Happily, our values are something that can change, with education and experience, so it’s worthwhile training staff on acceptable behaviours and how to create a safer workplace for everyone.

Personal values and toxic behaviours at work

Watch the video to understand how values affect someone's behaviour in the workplace, and the key values that indicate that a person is likely to engage in harmful activities at work.

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