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Publication: Dangerous Personalities Making Work Unsafe

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Weed out unsafe workers before they work for you, featuring an image of two women conversing at a desk.

SACS conducted research into the occupational health and safety behaviours of Australian workers.

The study, of more than 1400 professionals across all industries, found a strong correlation between an individual’s measurable personality and values and the likelihood that they will be safe or unsafe at work.

Even though Australian workplaces have come a long way to improve their workplace safety, employers know that some of their employees add to the level of safety in the workplace and others detract from it.

According to the study, the types of personality traits that are associated with better safety behaviours include: prudence, patience, fairness, diligence, social boldness and they tend to value security.

The SACS study found that some people still ignore OHS rules and act unsafely in the workplace, whereas others value their own safety and that of their colleagues so actively that they try to improve the safety of their workplace.

Using personality and values testing, the study was able to predict whether an individual is more or less likely to be safe at work.

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Download the research publication

Click the button to download a copy of the "Dangerous Personalities Making Work Unsafe: Predicting And Preventing Transgressions Against Workplace OHS" publication.

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