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Video: How to write employment ads that attract top talent

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Create jobs that appeal to your ideal candidates

Gone are the days when you could just list out job duties and “must have” skills in your job advertisements, and expect to be inundated with suitable applicants.

In recruitment, your aim should be to maximise ad responses, not filter out as many people as possible, because otherwise you risk losing the very people you want to apply.

There’s a range of strategies you can use to create appealing job ads, including adding employee value propositions, tapping into interests and passions, selling features and benefits, and using a personable tone.

Watch the video to discover a gold mine of practical tips you can start using today to create job advertisements that will help you recruit the right people for the job.

Create job ads that appeal to your ideal candidates

Watch the video to understand why you should aim to attract as many applicants as possible, along with practical tips on how to write ads that appeal to top talent and give you the best possible change of finding the right person for the job.

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