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Video: Using goal-based performance development to decrease psychosocial hazards

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A better way to do performance development

Traditional performance development reviews can be a significant source of psychosocial stress, with their unclear terms and impossible measures.

A better way to measure performance is simply to set goals at the start of a period – for both performance and behaviours – and see if they’ve been achieved by the end.

This is much easier to assess, and also much clearer what needs to be done, keeping it simple, short and to the point.

Both the leader and the team member should have input, and both may need training on setting and achieving goals.

It’s also important for this approach to include consequences – negative consequences for repeated failures to deliver and positive consequences, like a promotion or training, for an outstanding performance.

A better way to do performance development

Watch the video to understand why traditional performance development generates stress in employees, and how setting clear and simple goals makes it easier to measure and helps staff stay on track and productive.

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