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Publication: HEXACO Personality and Schwartz's Personal Values: A Facet-Level Analysis

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Hexaco Personality & Schwartz Personal Values

This study systematically examined the correlates of Schwartz’s basic values with the broad and narrow traits of the HEXACO model of personality.

A sample of 1244 adults completed the 200-item HEXACO-PI-R and the Portrait Values Questionnaire measuring Schwartz’s 10 basic personal values.

Results suggest that individual differences in personality and values overlap to a greater extent than implied by past literature.

This study contributes to the understanding of the relationships between personality and values in several key ways.

It is the first to extensively examine the role of personality facets and honesty-humility in relation to personal values.

It is also novel in its systematic assessment of the incremental value of facet-level prediction in relation to values.

Specifically, the study suggests that when honesty-humility and facets are included, the overlap of personality with personal values goes from being moderate to more substantial.

This is consistent with a framework of both overlapping constructs between values and traits, and with close interconnections.

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Download the research publication

Click the button to download a copy of the research paper "HEXACO Personality and Schwartz's Personal Values: A Facet-Level Analysis" and better understand the correlations between personality and values.

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