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Video: How psychosocial damage occurs in the workplace

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How workplace stresses can lead to psychosocial damage

Psychosocial risk is being discussed in organisations around the world, but what exactly do we mean by it?

In our workplaces there’s a range of psychosocial hazards – things that can cause physical or psychological harm to people – that we need to identify and eliminate where possible.

These hazards might include job demands, lack of clarity, poor support, organisational change, traumatic events, bullying, harassment, interpersonal conflict and more.

Workplace stressors can also sometimes be positive – being challenged in your work or processing lots of information, for example.

But chronic, excessive or negative stress can affect our brain, our well-being and our ability to work.

How workplace stress can lead to psychosocial damage

Watch the video to understand the different types of workplace stress, what we mean by psychosocial damage, and the effects that chronic or negative stress can have on the brain.

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