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Video: How stress affects workplace wellbeing

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Managing Workplace Stress: Causes, Symptoms and Strategies

Not all stress is bad. Some amount of stress helps us to stay focused and productive, but too much stress can cause issues.

In the workplace, pressures like our workload, processing information and solving problems have been shown to improve wellbeing.

However, there are also negative stressors, such as unclear roles, conflicting priorities and social challenges that negatively impact wellbeing at work.

What can organisations do to ensure that work-related stressors remain at manageable levels for staff?

And what is the role for leaders in helping to manage stress levels, and give employees an appropriate degree of control?

Workplace stress and its role in wellbeing

Watch the video to understand the different types of workplace stressors - both positive and.negative - and what organisations can do to keep stress at appropriate levels for their employees.

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