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Video: Leadership strategies and behaviours for tough times

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Leadership behaviours in tough times

What is the role of a leader during tough times? And how do they need to behave to ensure that staff are engaged and productive?

Our research revealed ten behaviours that are the most important for leaders to exhibit to maximise engagement, and minimise stress, and there are just four of these that had the biggest impact.

Good leaders need to empower staff, be optimistic and positive, support others and create opportunities to learn.

Leaders can also take a very different but highly effective approach to leadership, called facilitative leadership or “unbossing”, to improve employee morale and effectiveness.

By combining these strategies, and the many others we’ve discussed in this series, leaders can navigate tough times and emerge successful.

How leaders need to behave during difficult times

Watch the video to understand the important role that leaders play during tough times, and the different strategies they can employ to ensure that staff remain engaged and productive..

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