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Video: Leading for change: How to minimise change fatigue and resistance

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How to Avoid Change Fatigue: The Ideal Conditions for Change

Change in the workplace is inevitable, so how can we help employees respond well to changes, in order to make change successful?

Engagement is the key to helping people accept change more readily, and this can be improved by increasing the amount of positive emotions people feel at work, in a variety of ways.

But if staff are not engaged at work, then change fatigue can quickly set in, bringing up resistance, unhappiness and lowered productivity.

What are some of the things that organisations and leaders can do to increase engagement in order to make workplace changes a positive, productive experience for everyone?

How to reduce change resistance and change fatigue

Watch the video to understand the how leaders and organisations can create the optimal conditions for workplace change, such that employees embrace it instead of fighting it.

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