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Video: Managing the stressful aspects of remote work

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Working from home and stress

For some, working from home is a blessing – no distractions, no need for idle chit chat – but for others it can be a source of stress.

Although productivity and engagement typically increase in a remote working situation, there are still some key needs that must be met for certain people to remain happy, including social interaction and a sense of connection, clarity and stability.

So what can organisations do to ensure that all employees function well when working from home? Why is it important to understand introversion vs extroversion and distal vs proximal communication?

And what can leaders do, especially during tough times, to reduce stress and make everyone happy and productive, especially when they’re when working from home?

How to minimise remote work stress

Watch the video to understand why remote working can be stressful for some, and the specific strategies that leaders can employ to keep everyone happy and productive while working remotely.

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