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Publication: Organisational resources, organisational engagement climate and employee engagement

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Organisational Resources & Engagement research paper

The majority of job demands-resources (JD-R) research has focused on identifying the job demands, job resources, and personal resources that influence engagement.

The purpose of this research paper is to assess the significance of proposed associations between organisationally focused resources, organisational engagement climate, and engagement.

Researchers have clearly demonstrated that employee engagement is associated with a range of positive individual and organisational outcomes.

Meta-analytic studies have shown, for example, that engagement is strongly associated with increased employee well-being, in-role performance, extra-role performance, and reduced turnover.

The six organisational resources examined included perceptions about HR practices (PHRP), senior leadership, clarity of organisational goals, organisational adaptivity, strategic alignment, and organisational autonomy.

All six organisational resources were shown to be directly associated with employee engagement.

Learn more about employee engagement.

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Click the button to download a copy of "Organisational resources, organisational engagement climate & employee engagement" and discover the six key resources that contribute to staff engagement in the workplace.

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