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Template: Outcome-Based Job Description Learning Kit for the Disability Sector

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Learning Kit to help you create an outcome-based job description.

Outcome-based job definition involves defining roles by “Real World Outcomes” (RWOs) and the competencies necessary to achieve these outcomes.

The concept of RWOs is that job definition should embody a small number of significant outcomes that give the role its real purpose.

In this learning kit, we have set out some of the Real World Outcomes and some core competencies that may relate to the position of direct support worker, as an example to make the concept more practical for you. We have also provided a link to a brief explainer video about the process.

We have also provided a proforma template which you can use to undertake interviews to build outcome-based job definitions.

Download the learning kit

Click the button to download a copy of the outcome-based job definition learning kit to help you create your own job descriptions using RWOs.

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