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Video: Personal values and counterproductive work behaviours

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A pair of hands holding a red heart, representing personal values and counterproductive work behaviours.

Many organisations and recruiters place a high importance on a person’s values as a way to predict counterproductive work behaviours.

And while values do play a role, and people’s values can change with time and experience, they’re not as good at predicting CWBs as intelligence or personality.

But what are values? Sagiv defines them as trans-situational goals – things that we want that apply across many different situations.

Although values are only a modest predictor of negative behaviours, they are quite effective at determining “fit”. Will this person fit this role, this team or this organisation?

Having a good fit means that an employee will be happier and more engaged, and thus less likely to cause harm to others or the organisation.

Personal values and negative behaviours at work

Watch the video to understand the role of personal values in the likelihood that someone will engaged in harmful behaviours in the workplace.

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