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Publication: Personality and intelligence: A meta-analysis

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Meta-analysis research paper on intelligence and personality traits.

This study dives deep into understanding the links between personality traits and intelligence, utilising a meta-analysis of data from over 160,000 individuals across various personality frameworks, including HEXACO and Big Five.

The research findings revealed that openness and neuroticism strongly correlate with intelligence, with facets related to intellectual engagement and unconventionality showing the strongest association.

Interestingly, the personality facets of sociability and orderliness were negatively linked to intelligence, highlighting the complexity of these relationships and offering valuable insights into how cognitive abilities influence personality.

Here’s our Managing Director, Andrew Marty, to explain the results:

We’ve also been awarded the prestigious Schmidt-Hunter Meta-Analysis Award for 2024 from the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology (SIOP) for our meta-analysis of personality and intelligence.

SIOP is the biggest professional group for organisational psychology in the world, so this award is a huge honour for Jeromy Anglim from Deakin University and everyone who contributed to this research.

Download the research paper

Click the button to download a copy of the "Personality and intelligence: A meta-analysis." research paper to better understand the relationship between intelligence and personality.

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