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Publication: Personality, Self-Efficacy and Job Resources and Their Effect on Engagement, Commitment and Turnover

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In this paper, we examine the extent to which personality characteristics influence employee’s psychological connection to their work beyond that predicted by job context factors.

More specifically, using Job Demands-Resources theory, we examined the influence of HEXACO personality facets, self-efficacy, and job resources on engagement, affective commitment and turnover intention.

We used structural equation modelling on data collected from 623 participants working in a variety of organisational settings to test a proposed and a re-specified model.

The results showed that both job resources and individual differences factors had direct and indirect effects on engagement, affective commitment and turnover intention.

The personality facet liveliness was positively associated with engagement; sentimentality was positively associated with affective commitment; and social boldness, diligence and sentimentality were positively associated with self-efficacy.

The model explained 69% of the variance in engagement, 60% of the variance in affective commitment and 33% of the variance in turnover intention.

Despite the stronger influence of job resources, the results suggest that both individual factors and job context factors influence employees’ psychological attachment to their work.

Practical implications in terms of selection, engagement and organisational development interventions, and further research opportunities are identified.

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