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Video: Key personality traits and negative work behaviours

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A woman in a business suit showing key personality traits that predict negative work behaviours.

When looking at personality and counterproductive work behaviours, we use the HEXACO six-factor model of personality.

The most significant personality trait that predicts bad workplace behaviours is integrity-modesty, also called honesty-humility.

Also affecting the likelihood of CWBs is emotionality – how emotionally stable someone is – agreeableness – how angry someone isn’t – and conscientiousness – how diligent, responsible and obesiant someone is.

Sociability is also important, as people who like people are less likely to do things that might cause harm to others, or put them at odds with colleagues.

Personality is also largely genetically determined, and so these traits are not likely to change significantly over time.

Personality's effect on negative workplace behaviours

Watch the video to understand the importance of key personality traits, including honesty-humility, emotionality, agreeableness conscientiousness and sociability, in the frequency of negative behaviours at work.

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