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Sample Report: Psychometric Testing - Premium Assessment (HEXACO & Schwartz)

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Professionals in a meeting discussing Cognitive Ability Tests

This premium psychometric assessment report includes normative assessments of cognitive ability to evaluate whether the candidate has the capability to perform a role, personality to see if they have the traits that are suited to a particular role, and values to assess if they are a cultural match with the organisation.

The wide range of tests that can be accessed as part of our psychometric products provide evidence based insights and can be utilised in many ways by organisations, such as forming part of the initial recruitment process, to internal employee development plans and associated coaching.

This sample psychometric report includes:

  • A risk summary, using our “traffic light” risk rating system with links to explainer videos to assist in interpretation for every measure
  • Cognitive ability / intelligence, including verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning
  • Personality (Utilising the 6-factor HEXACO model of personality)
  • Counterproductive Work Behaviours
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Attitudes Towards Diversity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Engagement
  • Values (Schwartz Personal Values Questionnaire)

Download the sample Psychometric report

Click the button to download a copy of a sample report that shows the results of a Premium Psychometric Assessment with all additional measures.

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