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Video: A Quick Mindfulness Exercise for Busy People

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A woman practicing a quick mindfulness exercise at her desk.

Mindfulness is about being in the here and now, focusing on the present moment.

The narrative that runs in our minds often distracts us from fully utilising our mental energy on a task.

Mindfulness helps to expand our capacity to be in the present moment and reduces negative emotions like anxiety and depression.

Trying to suppress the narrative in our minds only makes it stronger, so it is important to notice the thoughts but let them go.

The “five, four, three, two, one” mindfulness activity is an alternative approach that can be done in just a few spare moments or even while walking around.

The activity can be adapted based on the time available, and can help in reducing stress and promoting calmness.

This mindfulness technique is recommended for people who need a quick way to calm their nerves, such as before public speaking.

Learn how to practise mindfulness in just a few minutes

Discover how you can experience mindfulness using this quick activity that brings you into the here and now, reducing stress, creating calm and quieting your mind.

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