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Video: Recognising the signs of stress

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Stress indicators: Are you or your colleagues stressed

Are you stressed? How do you know? And how can you tell if someone else is stressed?

Some types of stress are personal and emotional, while others are more about abilities, like concentration or decision-making.

So it’s important to recognise the signs of stress, in yourself and others, because it can affect your efficacy at work.

When someone is under chronic stress, it can cause permanent, physical changes in the brain, and create a lower quality of life.

How do you reach our to someone who seems stressed? There are some types of questions that will lead to a better outlook and more constructive conversations, and well call this the “feed forward” approach.

How to tell whether someone is stressed and what to do

Watch the video to understand how to recognise the signs of stress, what chronic stress does to our brains, and what leaders and organisations can do to help.

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