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Video: Recognising when someone is stressed and responding appropriately

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Recognising the signs of stress and responding appropriately

Psychosocial damage can occur when workplace stresses get too great, but how can we tell that people are stressed, before the harm is done?

There’s a few different signs you can look for that indicate stress – being frustrated, feeling guilty, being irritable, worrying, negative thoughts, or low confidence – and these can often be seen by others as well.

Any noticeable change in behaviour – a deviation from normal – can also indicate that a person is experience unusually high levels of stress.

What’s the best response in these situations? Asking if someone is OK is a good place to start, but may not prove very fruitful.

Trying the “feed forward” approach may generate more productive responses from someone who’s stressed, without raising their defences.


How to tell if someone is stressed and what to do

Watch the video to understand the signs that someone is more stressed than usual, and the best to handle the situation in order to find positive, productive solutions.

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