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Video: Reduce psychosocial risks with group-generated behaviour protocols

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Minimise toxic behaviours and psychosocial damage

Negative behaviours in the workplace can be a huge source of stress for employees, representing an important psychosocial risk.

How can organisations reduce the incidence of toxic workplace behaviours to reduce the psychological damage they cause?

Many workplaces attempt to use mission, vision and value statements, but these tend to be vague and don’t lead to tangible differences in staff behaviours.

Allowing groups of people to define specific examples of desired behaviours, and behaviours to be avoided, is a much more effective approach.

These clearly defined acceptable workplace behaviours can also be used in 360 degree feedback to ensure that these standards are actually being adhered to.

Minimise toxic behaviours and psychosocial damage

Watch the video to understand how toxic behaviours can cause psychosocial damage, and how to create and use group-generated definitions of acceptable workplace behaviours to minimise negative actions and the risk of harm.

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