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Video: How to reduce workplace stress - Strategies and techniques

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Stress Management techniques for leadership in tough times

Our sense of control has an important relationship to our experience of stress. The more control we have, the less adversely stress affects us, but it’s still important that our stress levels are manageable.

There are many techniques that people can employ in the workplace to manage stress, and bring it down to a tolerable level.

Teaching people how to choose their focus, and emphasise the things they do have control over, can be very beneficial.

In addition, leaders can create a positive psychology culture, encouraging staff to engage in activities like generosity, anticipation, gratitude, mindfulness, kindness and collaboration to increase positive emotions and decrease stress.

Ways to reduce workplace stress

Watch the video to understand the importance of focus and control in stress at work, and the activities that leaders can use to increase positive emotions and decrease stress..

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