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Sample Report: Remote Working Assessment

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Remote Worker Assessment Test

Not everyone is suited to remote working conditions, so following a review of the literature we created an assessment that identifies how well someone matches the ideal characteristics for remote work.

The results show how likely an individual is to feel comfortable working remotely, as well as the degree to which they are likely to be productive in the remote work that they do, both of which can assist in maintaining appropriate levels of wellbeing.

This sample remote working assessment includes:

  • A risk summary, using our “traffic light” risk rating system with links to explainer videos to assist in interpretation for every measure
  • Cognitive ability / intelligence, including verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning
  • Personality (SACS 6 Personality, a work-worded personality assessment)
  • Values (SACS Work Values)
  • Resilience

Download the sample Remote Work report

Click the button to download a copy of a sample report that shows the results of a Remote Working Assessment.

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