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Whitepaper: SACS 360 Degree Feedback - An online performance management tool

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360 Degrees Feedback Whitepaper

Learn what a 360 Degree Feedback tool is, and how it gives you greater control and immediate access to results.

It also has the capability to conduct year-on-year comparisons. Our online tool is user-friendly, self-managed and affordable – plus there are in-house psychologists available to provide further assistance, particularly in regards to interpretation and debriefs.

See how 360 Degree Feedback can provide employees with a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, capture feedback from a range of perspectives, be used to inform development plans, encourage increased self-awareness and improve team work through increased awareness of the perceptions of others.

Learn more about our 360 Degree Feedback tool.

Download the whitepaper

Click the button to download a copy of our whitepaper explaining 360 Degree Feedback and how it can improve employee performance and enhance team work.

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by SACS Consulting | March 30, 2021

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