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Whitepaper: SACS Values Test - Why personal values matter at work

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SACS Work Values Test

What are personal values and why are they important?

Personal values are fundamental beliefs that serve as guiding principles in a one’s life (Schwartz, 1992).

They guide and motivate our decisions, attitudes, and actions, and influence how we view the world. Although most values are not specifically considered good or bad, researchers have found that they can correlate to other traits in the workplace.

For example, Eva et al. (2017) found a positive relationship between the value of self-direction and innovative behaviour, while Blickle et al. (2006) showed that those who highly valued hedonism were more likely to commit white collar crime.

Certain values can also lend themselves to particular professions.

Learn more about the SACS Work Values Test.

Download the whitepaper

Click the button to download a copy of our whitepaper on the SACS Work Values Test to see how our personal values influences our attitudes and behaviours in the workplace.

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by SACS Consulting | February 28, 2021

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