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Video: Strategies and tips to avoid hiring psychopaths

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A roomful of people discussing strategies to avoid hiring psychopaths.

How do you avoid hiring a psychopath and the grief that comes with realising you’ve hired someone who’s bad for business and now you have to get rid of them?

We’ve looked in detail at the various factors that can drive counterproductive behaviours at work, including personality, intelligence and values.

We’ve also looked at the overall prevalence of these behaviours, and how the incidence varies across gender and age.

We examined the dark triad of psychopathic personalities, and the role of nature and nurture.

The best strategy is to measure all of these factors, with an emphasis on intelligence, personality and integrity, and ensure that your potential hires score well on most, if not all, of these key measures.

Strategies to avoid hiring psychopaths

Watch the video to understand how you can minimise the risk that you hire someone who is likely to engage in negative behaviours at work.

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