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Video: The three key psychopathic personality types

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A man admiring himself in the mirror exhibiting one of the Dark Triad non-standard psychopathic personalities.

There are three main psychopathic personality types – psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism – termed the “Dark Triad” of non-standard personalities.

Each of these types behaves differently in a workplace setting, driven to meet very different needs.

Their varying traits also means that they tend to end up in certain roles, and not others. For example it’s highly unlikely that a psychopath could ever become a CEO.

Learn how to distinguish between the types and what to look out for in each of them.


Discover the Dark Triad of psychopathic personalities

Watch the video to understand the three key non-standard personalities and the kinds of behaviours that they tend to exhibit in the workplace, and .what drives them

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