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Video: A three-step model for strategic workforce planning

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SACS approach to strategic workforce planning

Our approach to workforce planning is based on scientific research and years of successfully implementing workforce plans for organisations.

The first stage is identifying the current state of things – the nature of your current workforce, the economic climate and the support structures you have in place, including your processes and management team.

Then you look to the future, in both qualitative and quantitative terms, and look at the same things. What do you expect your workforce needs to be in the near future, how will the market change, and where is the business headed?

Once you have clarity on both of these pieces, the last step is to map out a direct path from the current state to the future state, including creating “families” or groups of competencies and communicating clearly about the process along the way.

Discover more about the SACS approach to workforce planning.

SACS three step approach to workforce planning

Watch the video to understand what we think is the best way to tackle the process of workforce planning, leading to a clear and actionable strategy to optimise your workforce.

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