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Video: What happens inside a stressed brain?

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Examining the neuroscience of stress

Our brain has three main ways it responds to stress – we fight, we freeze or we run away – but how is this response relevant in today’s modern world?

Being constantly bombarded with information, demands and other stressors, some people find themselves in an almost constant state of stress.

This means that our stress response is constantly activated, and this is often transforms into counterproductive work behaviours, in one form or another.

More politics, more absenteeism, less creativity, less output.

Leaders need to find ways to reduce stress levels for their staff, especially in tough times, but how can they do that?

Let’s explore what happens in the brain when it’s stressed.

The effect of stress on the brain

Watch the video to understand how our brains respond to stress, how our modern workplace stresses can effect employee performance, and what leaders can do to address this.

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