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Video: What makes people stressed?

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Managing Workplace Stress: Causes, Symptoms and Strategies

What stresses people out? A study from 1967 outlines the forty-one most stressful life events, and at the top of the list were things like the death of a spouse, moving house, getting married, losing a job, divorce, violence and imprisonment.

But stress also varies from individual to individual, depending on their circumstances, personality and experiences.

And what about stress at work? What are the main causes of stress in the workplace, and why is some amount of stress, in the form of a positive stressor, actually a good thing?

How do we go about measuring stress, and what are the main types you’ll encounter in the workplace?

The main causes of stress in life and at work

Watch the video to understand where stress comes from, what people find the most stressful in life and and at work, and how workplace stress can sometimes be useful.

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