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Video: Why are some people more intolerant than others?

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What makes some people more intolerant and prejudiced?

To create a tolerant workplace, you really have two complementary strategies – recruit tolerant people and lead people well.

So what makes someone prejudiced, and why are some people more intolerant towards diversity and differences than others?

There’s a number of factors that are relevant in determining someone’s tolerance levels, some are inborn and others are learned.

Someone’s personality traits, age and cognitive ability can all affect their willingness to be inclusive, but these are essentially fixed and unchanging traits.

Tolerance is also influenced by values, integrity, social standing and exposure to diversity, which are all things that can be shaped.

Let’s dive into the impact of these in more detail.

Key factors that determine someone's tolerance and inclusivity

Watch the video to understand the different factors that contribute to someone's levels of intolerance and prejudices, so you can recruit the right people and create an inclusive and welcoming workplace.

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