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Thursday 14th October 10:00am – 4:00pm

Remote Leadership

SACS has undertaken a worldwide review of the latest research into this important and fascinating topic. In this highly interactive online one day workshop we will address important questions such as:
  • Is working remotely good for people?
  • Are people as productive when they work remotely?
  • What type of people are best suited to working remotely?
  • How is leading people remotely different from leading them face to face?
  • What are key leadership skills and behaviours for effectively leading a remote workforce?
  • How to maintain high levels of productivity and engagement in a remote workforce?
  • How to effectively induct employees to remote working?

During the course of the day, we’ll dig into the latest research in this rapidly developing area of remote work and you will come away with a range of practical suggestions to apply these research findings to your business.


Thursday 21st October 2:00pm – 41:00pm

Managing Remote Employees in the Disability Sector

The Covid-19 crisis has thrust remote leadership firmly into the spotlight as one of the most important issues in human leadership today. Even prior to the phenomenon of millions of staff being sent to work remotely in response to the pandemic many organisations were trending towards higher proportions of remote employees. This is likely to be a key issue for the foreseeable future as many organisations have resolved to have higher levels of off-site staff and therefore need to manage them in such a way that their productivity and well being is optimised – this is part of the “new normal”. National Disability Services (NDS) is partnering with SACS to present this highly participative 2 hour online workshop. 


Change Without Pain

Worldwide we are currently going through a period of very substantial change. Changes in health, changes in community attitudes, changes in the way that we work and changes in the business models of organisations, just to name a few. Organisations are asking their employees to do things very differently from how they’ve ever done before and to cope with new challenges they’ve never had to face up to before.

View this webinar to learn how to hook into your colleagues’ natural tendency to change and provide much practical advice about how to bring about change whilst retaining the natural energy and enthusiasm of your colleagues. You will also gain an understanding of the latest discoveries relating to change and many practical tips and suggestions about how to plan for and implement change in your own organisation.


The Challenge of Managing a Distributed Workforce

During this workshop Andrew will explain what we know about how best to manage staff remotely. Here is an opportunity to benefit from an evidence-based perspective on how to maintain well-being and productivity for remote employees.


Leadership in Tough Times

For many employees across the world times are tough. People are worried about their jobs, worried about their health and the health of their loved once and in many cases are coping with the new challenges of working from home. Resilience is being challenged in a way that it has not been in living memory. Attend this workshop and you will be brought up to date with the latest research on stress, resilience and leader behaviours which optimise coping and productivity. You will come away with initiatives you will be able to use immediately at work.


What Type of Person is Suited to Remote Work?

Businesses are facing unparalleled challenges as a results of the Covid-19 pandemic. One particular obstacle is the mass relocation of staff from their primary office location to a remote working environment in their home. Even before the pandemic organisations have been transitioning to more remote work for flexibility and cost reasons.

While there are clear logistical challenges that this can raise there are also issues around the compatibility of an employee’s psychological makeup with working solely from home. To help organisations understand the likelihood that an employee will thrive in a work from home environment SACS has undertaken a review of the current research on this topic.



What is Wellbeing and is it Worth the Trouble?

This workshop will allow you to understand how to build a meaningful Wellbeing framework which will be easily and sensibly applied to your organisation. It will also put you in a position to build the business case for the undertaking as well as give you some practical tips which can be immediately used to improve Wellbeing at work.


Workforce Planning for the New Normal

Many organisations are now looking beyond the tactical aspects of surviving the COVID-19 world and are seeking to visualise and strategise what the composition of their workforce is likely to be over the next few years. This is an exercise in workforce planning. Seismic changes that organisations are experiencing right now often require different competency sets. Watch this webinar to learn more about this topic.

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