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Become an expert in interpreting and explaining Psychological Assessment Results.

SACS Psychometric Measurement E-Learning

The SACS Psychometric Measurement E-Learning is designed to assist you to gain a better understanding of what psychological assessment tools do and how to use them. Upon completion of this program you will

  • Understand the construction of psychological assessment tools
  • Be more confident in interpreting psychological assessment results
  • Be able to explain and interpret results for internal clients & stakeholders
  • Understand the relationships between psychological assessment and other recruitment methods, such as interviewing.
  • Advocate on behalf of psychological assessment as a valid recruitment technique

This program is a mix of theory and practice. In each module you will be shown the workings of each assessment and shown a range of different profiles to build your skills and confidence in interpretation.

Subjects covered will include

  • Psych testing – how accurate is it in comparison with other methods?
  • Intelligence testing. What does it mean and what can it be used for?
  • Integrity and honesty assessments. How do they predict negative behaviours at work?
  • Personality – how does it relate to success and failure at work?
  • How does the measurement of values help predict outcomes and culture match?
  • How to measure specialty characteristics such as OH&S risk, engagement, resilience, change readiness and emotional intelligence

You may complete the programme sequentially to achieve accreditation or you may simply complete the modules which interest you the most.

If you want to be more confident in making judgments about the strengths and limitations of candidates, this program will do it.

To access the SACS Psychometric Measurement E-Learning contact the Assessments Team on 1300 250 580.

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