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Events and news updates in the SACS Psychometric Assessment Portal

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How to stay up-to-date in the SACS Psychometric Assessment Portal

Important news and free events

While you’re in the portal, you’ll want to keep an eye on our news feed, which includes free events, important updates and helpful tips and tricks.

Here’s a video on the news feed, including where to find it, and some examples of the content you might see on it.

SACS Portal - Events and news updates

Watch the video to see where we post our free events and important updates in the SACS Psychometric Assessment Portal, to help you stay informed and up to date.

Watch the first video in this series here:

Part 1 – Quick start guide to the portal

And if you know of anyone who would benefit from this video, please share it with them.

Video Transcript

Monitoring the portal news feed

Hi there, it’s Jade from SACS.

Just to point out in addition to the SACS portal which you will be using for your candidate assessments, please keep an eye on our news feed.

Our free events

There’s also a dedicated news tab here as well, as we run a lot of free events.

So for example, at the time of this recording, we’re promoting a free two-hour session online via Zoom which is in regards to the management of psychosocial risk.

Andrew Marty, the managing director of SACS, and a registered psychologist will be facilitating a really engaging interactive session on this topic.

We will continue to update this news feed with all of our events, so please keep an eye out for any that you are hoping to attend.

We do also make recordings available as well.

Portal tips and tricks

We will also be adding little tidbits of information in regards to our psychometric assessments and so we’ll call out some factors and facets, why they’re important and what they may suggest in a way workplace setting.

Learn more about our online portal

Watch the first video in this series to learn more about using our portal:

Part 1 – Quick start guide to the portal

And if you’d like some help using the portal or understanding your candidate results, please contact us.

by SACS Consulting | August 2, 2023

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