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Purchasing credits in the SACS Psychometric Assessment Portal

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How to purchase credits in our online Psychometric Testing Portal

Managing credits in the portal

In order to set up a candidate with assessments in the online portal, you’ll need a certain amount of credits, depending on the specific assessments you’ve chosen.

Here’s a video walkthrough of how you can purchase credits in the portal, including how the credit system operates, credit duration, quantity discounts and payment methods.

SACS Portal - Purchasing Portal credits

Watch the video to see how easy it is to purchase credits for us in the SACS Psychometric Assessment Portal, which you'll need to set up candidates with assessments.

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Video Transcript

Using the portal’s credit system

Hi there, it’s Jade from SACS, here to explain how you manage credits in the SACS portal.

In order to set up candidates to complete assessments you do need to have portal credits.

The SACS portal operates off a credit system and so you will purchase portal credits and a particular amount of credits is required to set up a candidate for an assessment.

Buying additional credits

To purchase credits, you can go to the purchase credits button here or you’ve got the click here to purchase credits. It’s very straightforward.

We do have some terms and conditions to read and acknowledge, and then you have the option to purchase an amount of credits.

Bulk pricing and discounts

So in terms of the standard cost, we’ve got the credits information here, we do also have a bulk discount structure, and so if you are looking to purchase in advance and you’ve got an indication of the volume of candidates you’ll be assessing there are obviously some subsidised pricing here, should you purchase credits in bulk.

Just to let you know, portal credits don’t expire for a period of two years and so if you make a purchase of say 5,000 credits, you have two years to use those credits. To purchase credits, simply select the quantity that you wish to purchase.

Ways to pay for your credits

You’ve got the option here to pay by invoice and then if you have any information that you need to include, you can see the example here – a purchase order number, a candidate name or a position – please enter that in.

If you do need to CC in anybody else you’re able to do that here.

When you’re ready, click on submit.

You’ll be taken to a confirmation page which will show you the cost per credit, the total price including GST, and then you can confirm. You’ll be emailed a copy of that invoice and the credits that you’ve purchased will be added to your account straight away.

When you do set up candidates, provided you’ve got enough credits, they will be automatically deducted when the candidates are set up in the portal.

Learn more about our online portal

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And if you’d like some help using the portal or understanding your candidate results, please contact us.

by SACS Consulting | July 30, 2023

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