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A quick introduction to the SACS Psychometric Assessment Portal

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Key features of our online psychometric testing portal

Starting out with psychometric testing can seem a little daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve created a quick walkthrough of our online assessment portal so you can see for yourself just how easy it is to use.

SACS Portal Quick Start Guide

Watch the video to get a quick overview of the SACS Psychometric Assessment Portal, and the key features you'll be using most often.

Watch the next video in this series here:

Part 2 – Setting up candidates

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Video Transcript

How to get started with our psychometric testing portal

Hi there, it’s Jade from SACS, here to provide you with a quick start guide to using the psychometric assessment portal.

So you’ve kindly accepted a free trial to utilise our assessments what do you do next?

Well we would have set you up with an account for your organisation and provided you with login details, and when you do log into the portal you’re brought to this home page that you can see here and this is the main dashboard.

So you can easily set up candidates, view recent candidate reports as they are completed, purchase credits in order to be able to set up candidates (you don’t need to worry about that now as we’ve given you some credits) and you can also access our resources.

We have a range of interpretive manuals, video resources and frequently asked question documents to help bring you up to speed and understand what psychometric assessment results mean and what they suggest for your candidates might take place in the workplace. We also have our news feed.

This will be profiling events that we run that are free to attend online and we will also provide some information and further education on our psychometric assessments. Below those key functions we’ve got some recent groups.

So these are combinations of assessments that we have agreed with you for you to use for particular candidates and for particular roles.

You can also keep track of your monthly usage in terms of the amount of credits that you have used.

Adding candidates

To set up candidates you can go to the setup candidates section on the dashboard.

It’s also here on the left hand side toolbar.

Using assessment groups

And then you will select the assessment combination that you would like them to complete.

Where you see your saved groups, these will be groups and combinations of assessments that we have agreed with you.

We also have our standard range.

Setting up candidates

And to go ahead and set up the candidate, you select the option that you would like, and all you need are the candidate’s first name, surname and email address.

You’ve got the option to add any of our additional normative measures, and then there is a simple confirmation.

Everything is done automatically. The candidate will receive an email with the links to complete the assessments.

Viewing candidate reports

When they complete all of the assessments, you are notified via email that their report is ready to be viewed, which you can get through that recent candidate report section on the dashboard, or by looking through the candidates details here on the left hand side toolbar.

Editing candidate details

Regarding candidates that you have set up in the portal, a couple of things to let you know.

You’ve got the ability to edit their contact details should you need.

That’s just done through the candidates section, and so what you can do is if you’re looking for a particular person, if you filter by date or search in the right hand corner here, if there are any spelling mistakes you do have the ability to update those details straight away.

Sending reminder emails

And if you needed to send a reminder email, that would be represented by two arrows underneath this invitation heading here. If you have any questions or require any assistance in understanding your candidate results, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Interpreting the results

You do also have access to a number of resources as I mentioned earlier.

So either on the dashboard on the left hand side toolbar, if you click there you’ll see interpretive manuals for all of our offerings, pricing and frequently asked question documents for yourself as a client as well as for your candidates, as well as explainer videos which you might find useful in watching when you have an opportunity.

Thank you for your time.

All the best in using the SACS Psychometric Assessment Portal.

Please feel free to reach out to us.

We are just an email or phone call away.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and we welcome an opportunity to discuss your needs in more detail and make any alterations as required.

Learn more about our online portal

Watch the next video in this series to learn more about using our portal:

Part 2 – Setting up candidates

And if you’d like some help using the portal or understanding your candidate results, please contact us.

by SACS Consulting | July 15, 2023

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