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Using assessment groups in the SACS Psychometric Assessment Portal

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Using assessment groups in the SACS Psychometric Assessment Portal

Choosing assessment groups to send to a candidate

After you’ve added a candidate the psychometric testing portal, you’ll want to set them up with some appropriate assessments.

We’ve created a walkthrough on assessment groups, including what assessment groups are, how to choose assessment groups, seeing which candidates have which assessment groups, editing assessment groups, and which of our assessment groups are the most popular.

SACS Portal - Using assessment groups

Watch the video to see how you can use assessment groups in the SACS Psychometric Assessment Portal, including our most popular sets of assessments, and how you can customise your assessment groups.

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Video Transcript

What are assessment groups?

Hi there, it’s Jade from SACS.

So what are assessment groups?

Well assessment groups are combinations of our psychometric assessments which are available to you in your portal account.

These may be our standard offerings or they may be tailored for your organisation depending on the nature of the roles that you’re recruiting and what is important for you to understand in your candidates.

Accessing assessment groups

You can access your assessment groups through the assessment group section here, and this is where you’ll see the list of assessment groups that you have.

You’ll see the candidates that have been allocated to that group, which you can access by clicking into the name.

Editing assessment groups

You’ve got a couple of functions here – you can go ahead and set up candidates this way or you can choose to rename the group.

So if you do want to rename or update the name of the group, you’re able to do that straight away.

You will also see your saved groups here, and so this is when you’re setting up candidates. You’ll see the name of the group, a description, the credit cost and then you can go ahead and set up candidates.

Our most popular assessment groups

The most popular groups section is our core offering – so it’s a basic personality-only assessment, which is a shorter personality assessment; our intermediate option, which is a personality and values assessment; and then our premium assessment, which entails the cognitive ability assessments with the three-timed aptitudes, as well as personality and values.

Our most popular offering is the work-worded premium assessment, which has our work-worded personality and values assessments.

If you do want to discuss the assessment groups that are available to you, or if there are particular roles that you’d like to understand what our recommendation would be regarding the assessment group, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Learn more about our online portal

Watch the next video in this series to learn more about using our portal:

Part 4 – Viewing candidate reports

And if you’d like some help using the portal or understanding your candidate results, please contact us.

by SACS Consulting | July 21, 2023

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