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Viewing candidate reports in the SACS Psychometric Assessment Portal

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Viewing candidate reports in the SACS Psychometric Assessment Portal

Accessing candidate reports

Once your candidates have completed their assessments, you’ll want to view their results.

We’ve created a video guide to viewing those reports, including finding candidates, accessing their reports, interacting with reports, understanding the results, and exporting a report as a PDF.

SACS Portal - Viewing candidate reports

Watch the video to see how to find candidate reports in the SACS Psychometric Assessment Portal, and how to interact with the reports and understand what they mean.

Watch the next video in this series here:

Part 5 – Manuals, explainer videos and FAQs

And if you know of anyone who would benefit from this video, please share it with them.

Video Transcript

How to access your candidate’s report

Hi there, it’s Jade from SACS, here to show you how to access candidate reports in the portal.

So when you’re on the main page of the portal, on the left hand side toolbar, simply click on the candidates button.

You’ll be then taken to the candidates page and you’ll have a list of your most recently completed candidates.

Finding candidates

If you do need to go back in time, you’ve got the option to filter by date and go further back as well.

Simply by clicking “show candidates”, that would then be updated.

You’ve also got the search function, so if you are assessing a lot of candidates and you need to find someone in particular, please feel free to type in their name.

Click on the candidate name and then you’ve got a report tab here.

So it will show you their report.

Interacting with and understanding candidate reports

When you view the results, if you’re viewing it within the portal, it is an HTML responsive report, and so you can click between the various sections, and what you’ll see is our colour-coded risk grading system indicating if there is a high risk or something you should be mindful of and probe further.

There is also hover over explainer text next to each measure, as indicated by the “i” icon and if you go to the hover text you can click on the hyperlink and that will take you to an explainer video where you will learn more about the measure and what it means.

You have the option to print or save the report as a PDF, and so if you are sending the report internally as a PDF, provided the viewer has an internet connection they’ll still be able to click on those “i” icons.

Whilst they won’t see the hover over text, they will 18 be directed to that explainer video, which will talk them through the result in more detail.

Learn more about our online portal

Watch the next video in this series to learn more about using our portal:

Part 5 – Manuals, explainer videos and FAQs

And if you’d like some help using the portal or understanding your candidate results, please contact us.

by SACS Consulting | July 24, 2023

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